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ConveyorsStock and Buffer metering high load-variable capacity conveyors allow materials to be stored and fed out of the system at a variable rate. High capacity storage allows quick discharge of trucks and loaders. The use of chains and slats give the strength of an apron feeder, which while riding on a belt ensures a seal also allowing powders and small granular materials to be conveyed cleanly. Special attention to the sealing on the side plates ensures the chain is kept clean for low maintenance and long life.



Heavy Duty Stacking Conveyors:

Heavy Duty Stacking ConveyorsFeatures:


Apron (Plate) Conveyors



Standard (Sandvic) Belt Conveyors

Elkayam ConveyorsFeatures:


Elkayam ConveyorsMSW Special Conveyors

Dedicated design only for use in municipal waste type environment

Screw Conveyors - (Shaftless)

For use with slurries and powders and other high fluidity and difficult flow applications


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