Our Mission

By striving for excellence and combining the latest technology with the finest engineering minds Elkayam supplies our customers with top quality products - whether standard or custom-made, turnkey or single parts.

Our engineers thrive on developing solutions to complex problems. We work with our customers to identify particular needs and we make sure those needs are met.

Elkayam constantly strives to achieve maximum long-term reliability and trust (in our products) from our customers. We are committed to implementing the latest technologies in storing, conveying, treatment and recycling of particle materials and bio-organic and solid waste.

Our Expertise

Elkayam recruits top engineers from Israel and all over the world (the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and America) in order to enrich our research and improve our already excellent engineering standards.

Although we produce heavy machinery for industry, we are also at the forefront of helping to care for our environment. Elkayam is committed to researching recycling methods for many different types of waste products. We now offer solutions for solid waste, aluminum waste, organic waste and water. Everything we manufacture is in accordance with the highest environmental and quality control standards.