About Elkayam

ELKAYAM Metal Industries is a family-owned, privately held company founded by Mr. David Elkayam in 1950.  In 1974 the running of the company was taken over by his son, Mr. Isaac Elkayam, and has enjoyed growth and success across the globe working in countries such as USA, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Jordan and Nigeria.

The company specializes in quarry equipment, conveyors and computer-operated cement production plants.  Elkayam is a leader in the design and manufacture of processing plants, machines, and auxiliary equipment as well the supervising the erection of its products through to their installation on the customer's site (turnkey projects).  Elkayam also provides full service for all its products.

Elkayam employs over 300 workers including specialized engineers and consultants dealing with assembly work and on-site field service and deals in the following areas:

Behind every Elkayam products stand our dedication to the highest standards of quality control, ISO 9000 certification, and environmental demands.